I'm currently available for the following commissions:

  •  4” x 6” Illustration with full color and two washi tape designs:
     Individual character: $60
    Additional washi tape: $5 each
  • 8” x 10” Illustration with full color and two washi tape designs:
    Individual character: $120
    Additional washi tape: $10 each
  • 5"x 8" black & white Illustration with pencil and ink on toned brown or grey paper:
    Individual character: $40

Here's how we'll work together:

  1. We'll chat about what character(s) you'd like to see me bring to life. I'm open to practically anything - anime, comics, cartoons, a D&D character you've created, a fictional character in your latest novel, or even a family member. Go for it!
  2. I'll provide a sketch / outline of what you're visualizing. We can do up to 3 revisions.
  3. After your approval, I'll provide washi tape options (if you've chosen the 4"x6" or 8"x10" commission). 
  4. Once the final work is completed, it will be ready to view and an invoice will be sent to you via email.

Payment: The invoice you receive will allow you to easily & securely pay online. Once payment has been received, your commission will be shipped out the next business day.

Shipping: Within the U.S. is $5.00 and international orders are $25.00.

Time: Most commissions take 2 weeks to complete. 

If you're interested or have a special request, feel free to email me: and I'll chat with you soon!